Laura and Matt September 7th 2013

We had a great time with Laura and Matt two weeks ago in Woburn, Ma.  They are an incredible fun couple with an awesome group of family and friends. I photographed Laura and her girls getting ready at the Crowne Plaza. The hotel was recently re-done so there were a lot of great photo opportunities throughout the day.  Laura looked absolutely stunning. The minute I walked in, she was just super excited to get her dress on and get the show on the road.  While I was with the girls, Carly got to spend time with boys while they got ready in Tewksbury, Ma. It was really nice to get all bridesmaid and groomsman photos done before the ceremony.  Ceremony was at the beautiful  St. Anthony’s in Woburn only 5 minutes away from the reception.  From the fun introductions at the reception, I knew it was going to be a rocking party. They sure didn’t disappoint. Thank you to Laura and Matt for such an awesome time!

2013-09-17_0001 2013-09-17_0002 2013-09-17_0003 2013-09-17_0004 2013-09-17_0005 2013-09-17_0006 2013-09-17_0007 2013-09-17_0008 2013-09-17_0011 2013-09-17_0009 2013-09-17_0010 2013-09-17_0012 2013-09-17_0013 2013-09-17_0015 2013-09-17_0016 2013-09-17_0017 2013-09-17_0018 2013-09-17_0019 2013-09-17_0021 2013-09-17_0022 2013-09-17_0023 2013-09-17_0025 2013-09-17_0026 2013-09-17_0027 2013-09-17_0028 2013-09-17_0029 2013-09-17_0030 2013-09-17_0031 2013-09-17_0032 2013-09-17_0033 2013-09-17_0034 2013-09-17_0035 2013-09-17_0036 2013-09-17_0037 2013-09-17_0038 2013-09-17_0039 2013-09-17_0040 2013-09-17_0041 2013-09-17_0042 2013-09-17_0043 2013-09-17_0044 2013-09-17_0045 2013-09-17_0046 2013-09-17_0047 2013-09-17_0048 2013-09-17_0049 2013-09-17_0050 2013-09-17_0051 2013-09-17_0052 2013-09-17_0053 2013-09-17_0055 2013-09-17_0056 2013-09-17_0054 2013-09-17_0057 2013-09-17_0059


Cake:  Konditor Meister

Flowers: Hillside Florist

Venue:  Crowne Plaza   Woburn, Ma

Second Shooter:  Carly Gillis


One thought on “Laura and Matt September 7th 2013

  1. Beautiful!! Laura you look so very happy. Always the best for the two of you, Matt he’s a keeper! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time! Cheers! Aunt Donna and Garland

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