Tara and Dave July 20th, 2013

I knew right after meeting Tara and Dave that their wedding was going to be anything but ordinary. From dinosaurs to Star Wars, there was no way this wedding was going to be boring!    The Ocean View Inn and Resort in Gloucester, MA provided an amazing backdrop on this steamy July day. 2013-07-30_0017 2013-07-30_0010 2013-07-30_0001 2013-07-30_0007 2013-07-30_0002 2013-07-30_0003 2013-07-30_0004 2013-07-30_0008 2013-07-30_0009 2013-07-30_0012 2013-07-30_0005 2013-07-30_0014 2013-07-30_0015 2013-07-30_0018 2013-07-30_0019 2013-07-30_0020 2013-07-30_0013 2013-07-30_0021 2013-07-30_0022 2013-07-30_0024 2013-07-30_0023 2013-07-30_0026 2013-07-30_0027 2013-07-30_0030 2013-07-30_0028 2013-07-30_0029 2013-07-30_0032 2013-07-30_0033 2013-07-30_0035 2013-07-30_0034 2013-07-30_0036 2013-07-30_0037 2013-07-30_0038 2013-07-30_0039 2013-07-30_0040 2013-07-30_0041 2013-07-30_0042

We couldn’t resist having a little fun here.    We might have a few more tricks up our sleeve coming soon!

2013-07-30_0043 2013-07-30_0044 2013-07-30_0045 2013-07-30_0046 2013-07-30_0006 2013-07-30_0011 2013-07-30_0031 2013-07-30_0047 2013-07-30_0048 2013-07-30_0049 2013-07-30_0050

Tara’s dad gave such an amazing heartfelt speech. It was such an honor to be a part of that moment.

2013-07-30_0051 2013-07-30_0052 2013-07-30_0053 2013-07-30_0063 2013-07-30_0055

Seriously? How awesome!   Their cake cutting started with dinosaurs, then an impromptu rock out session commenced.  These two are absolutely perfect for each other!

2013-07-30_0056 2013-07-30_0057 2013-07-30_0058 2013-07-30_0059 2013-07-30_0060 2013-07-30_0062 2013-07-30_0054

Thanks Tara and Dave for such an fantastic day.


Cake:  Cakes for Occasions

Florist: Audrey’s Flower Shop

Band: Justin Beech

Special thanks to Carly Gillis for second shooting!


One thought on “Tara and Dave July 20th, 2013

  1. Beautiful pictures, Match Made! Love them all, you captured Taormina and Dave’s personality/character through your lens! Thank you for also capturing such special moments for my daughter and son in law with their family, friends, vendors and added vendor DJ Pawel. Love the Abby Rd scene, especially when part of honeymoon in Liverpool, they love the Beatles! Looking forward to seeing more of your film creativity! Great Job!

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